MoonDot Media workshops are designed to leave participants confident and ready to apply new skills. Ask about customized content or choose from the courses outlined here in Corporate Writing, Speaking (including addressing public media), and Creative Writing. 

Corporate Writing Workshops

Reduce Your Email with Effective Writing
Email can take more time than you have to give. Discover essential tips to reduce the clutter in your Inbox, express yourself effectively, and save time.

Email Etiquette
Writing mistakes can lead to wrong impressions that damage relationships or discourage others from considering your point of view. Discover how to enhance your electronic correspondence with effective writing strategies.

Plain Language Writing
Learn how to communicate in language your readers understand. Topics covered include how to target your audience, write concisely, edit for style, and evaluate your own work. Exercises reinforce writing techniques that help you say what you mean to say.

Writing for the Web
Improve your online presence with clear, concise, and engaging content. Participants learn through exercises that reinforce writing and self-editing techniques.

Report Writing
Make it easy for your audience to understand and respond to your content. This workshop will show you how to decide what to include, emphasize, or leave out. Discover how to organize and present your content, ensure consistent style, and write in simple, concise language.

Creative Problem Solving
Everyone has the capacity to be creative. This professional development workshop involves team building activities to build creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Speaking Workshops

Public Speaking & Media Training
Discover how to express yourself clearly and feel good about it next time you speak to a group or answer questions from the media. This workshop includes how to plan, perform, and cope with special situations.

Corporate Storytelling-Make Your Point
Storytelling is the most ancient and powerful communication method. Learn how to use stories to help audiences remember your most important points. Discover how stories can help you extract emotion, change behavior, and promote your message.

Public Speaking for Artists
Audiences expect you to share yourself as well as your work. They want to know about your inspiration, work habits, and plans. Discover how to express yourself clearly and feel good about it next time you speak to a group or answer questions from the media.

Use Storytelling to Follow Your Star
Tell stories to persuade, instruct, challenge, and of course—entertain! Learn to draw from personal experience to use storytelling to your advantage. This workshop triggers the telling of short, meaningful stories, with you as the star teller.

Interview Skills for History Projects
Learn how to gather information with effective interview techniques. Includes activities to help you build solid skills for conducting meaningful interviews. Topics include how to prepare, phrase questions, research, and take notes.

Creative Writing Workshops

Interested in writing but not sure how to make your words sing? Explore and grow your creative writing abilities in WordPlay. You’ll discover how to turn everyday events into treasured tales, packed with punch. Expect a creativity warm-up, an idea-generating activity, and time to write your first draft of an unforgettable story.

The Business of Getting Published
How do you sell a manuscript? Can you sell first and write later? Explore the business skills you need to reach your publishing goals. 

A Medley of Nonfiction Writing
Discover the many aspects of writing nonfiction. This workshop explores opportunities for both writing and selling your nonfiction work, from fun and informative books for kids to true stories, travel, and self-help. 

Writing Your Own Story
You have a personal story to tell but aren't sure how to get started. Find out how to organize and best record the stories of your life in this memoir writing workshop.

Master the Art of Writing Query Letters
Find out how to make the best impression with agents and publishers. Discover what information belongs in your letter and what's forbidden. One-on-one feedback available, time permitting.

Email Queries
Writing mistakes can make agents and editors say "No!" before reading to the end of your submission. This session offers skills specific to email correspondence and social media.

Think Creative
Develop new habits that lead to creative thinking. This fun workshop shows how to nurture your imagination, generate ideas, and overcome writing blocks.

Create It, Write It, Revise It
A workshop designed to empower your writing abilities and publishing know-how.

Newsletter Writing
Never dread writing a newsletter again. Learn how to write a letter that will engage your readers, and be as fun to write as it is to read.

Christmas Letters
Create a letter masterpiece. Find out how to write a letter that will leave friends and family looking forward to your annual news.